Anyone interested in solos in Vivaldi's Gloria should plan to get to rehearsal early at 6:30 on Monday the 20th.


Solo Auditions

For auditions, altos should look at Domine Deus, Agnus Dei and Qui Sedes. Sopranos should look at Domine Deus, Rex and Laudamus te.


Gloria Scores

If you need a copy printed for you because you don't have printing capabilities at home, please email us.


Otherwise, here are pdfs of two versions of the Gloria score that you can print at home. If you got a printed copy at the first rehearsal night you will need a new one, as those copies were incomplete. Please print either version for yourself. The "Gloria_WithSolos" is the full piece including solo movements and will require some corrections to match Gene Marie's score. The "Gloria_Vivaldi" is the version Gene Marie is using and does not include all the solo parts.

Listen to the Music

Listen to the Gloria

This performance by Northern Texas is worth a listen:


And if you want to follow along with the score, this is a helpful reference:


Listen to the Messiah:

We are using the Schirmer edition of the Messiah.  The following choruses are good for reference, but the soloists are using the Novello edition and the voicing differs from Schirmer.  


This is a good guide for choruses:

Here are all the choruses with a score if you wish to follow along:


The tempos are on the fast side, but it can be helpful to see what else is going on around you.


Practice Links:

You can find helpful recordings of parts and such at Choralia: