Monthly 2-part lecture, 1-2 Hour Q&A with Cailin regarding lecture per month, Messiah Rehearsal Aids, 1 Monthly virtual rehearsal with Cailin, plus additional 1-2 Hour Q&A with Cailin regarding music per month. Commit to the full year (September 2020-May 2021) to save now.  


All live rehearsals and lectures are at 7pm. Various rehearsals and/or lectures will be released pre-recorded during the day. 


Sep 14: First Practice Video released

Sep 21: First Lecture -- Choral Sound "In My Ears"

Sep 28: Music Practice (with live pianist at 7pm) 

Oct 5: Second Practice Video released/ Singers Q&A with Cailin at 7pm

Oct 12: Second Lecture Video released -- "On Conducting"

Oct 19: Music Practice (with live pianist at 7pm)

Oct 26: Singers Q&A with Cailin at 7pm re: music and lecture

Nov 2: Third Practice Video released

Nov 9: Third Lecture Video released -- Music Theory, What's the point?

Nov 16: Music Practice (with live pianist, 7pm)

Nov 23: Singers Q&A with Cailin at 7pm re: music and lecture

Nov 30: Fourth Practice Video released

Dec 7: Fourth Lecture Video released -- Messiah -- In Perspective

Dec 14: Music Practice (with live pianist, 7pm)

Dec 21: Singers Q&A with Cailin at 7pm re: music and lecture


Spring session rehearsal dates will be announced later in 2020. 


Lecture topics are as follows: 


Choral Sound "In My Ears": For years, colleagues have asked me what my "secret" was for achieving robust, full, expressive singing from the non-auditioned choruses I've led. Take a brief journey through some vocal pedagogy with me and see how these ideas about training singers show up all the time in rehearsals.



"On Conducting": Über das Dirigieren was Richard Wagner's groundbreaking treatise -- or manifesto -- on the art of conducting and, by extension, shaping musical and dramatic art for artistic experience. Together, we'll examine what a conductor does and doesn't do -- can't do -- and why ensembles and conductors have such a strong mutual need.



Music Theory, What's the point?: Musis Theory and its study is the basis for most "musicianship" training for Western Music. We'll look at how having this knowledge can increase and inform one's ability to interpret the repertoire, but at the same time it can both enhance and detract from the performance and experience of the music.



Messiah -- In Perspective: Why has this oratorio endured and why does it even matter now? Outside of the obvious religious context and the colonialist and triumphalist undertones, the collection of scriptural texts that Jennens gathered to reflect on the figure of "Messiah"and Handel's musical treatment of them offer us, as 21st Century performers and listeners, more to ponder and consider than we expect  -- or even want to -- when dealing with such a familiar, hallowed masterwork. However, in this talk we are going to "go there," in order to see this work with fresh eyes and hear its call to our better selves with fresh ears.

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